My 3 month Joseph

To give you some perspective. This box is 24x10x8. You see the fit, right? No extra space in there. :grin:


Soooooo, so beautiful! :heart: Lucky mama!

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Shes beautiful. Do you do customs?

Thank you. Sorry but I don’t. I’m quite allergic to them. :joy: I am, however, going to painting two more in the near future.


OK so I totally thought you were joking the other day when you were describing his head is being as big as mine! He just arrived in the mail and OMG! He’s a monster! I don’t know what to say. He looks more like a toddler than a three month old.But I’m in love for sure!:smile:

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@DollyPardon did you do this one? I bought his kit the other day :slight_smile: I just have to pick who I want to paint him.

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Yes, I painted that one.

Love, very nice

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