My 1st baby!

I created my first reborn baby and I’m actually pretty happy with the way it came out. The DVD that came with the kit was very helpful.only issue is I need stronger glue for the eyelashes, which isn’t a big deal. Easy fix.


Beautiful baby!!

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Great job !! So sweet

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She is beautiful

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I took some better pictures…

Great job for a first one. Your photography is really good as well.

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Great job

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Feel free to give CC , after all, I’m learning.

Great first baby! I would say use a little more color on the fingers and toes next time, like blushing on the tips of toes and fingers and knuckles. She looks much better than my first baby though😉

Very nice!!

Just as cute as can be She’s darling.

She is adorable!! Have you tried rooting the lashes? The sleeping babies are really easy to root and glue on the inside.