Mottling layers?

So I watched @Kim_CustomDollBaby tutorial (hi if your reading this!) So I was doing mottling, and she does 4 different layers but says she more that that baby didn’t need, does anyone know how to make the other colors that she didn’t use?

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Yeah, that has generated a lot of questions. I can’t wait till I get the chance to create my Advanced Mottling Technique class. LOL You’ll get some great tips from the very talented artists on here. But here are my two cents:

  1. A beginner bare minimum mottling should be two layers: Vein Blue and Warm Blush. This also looks good on toddlers.
  2. Really advanced mottlers will use multiple shades of red, multiple shades of blue, green, and purple (Dioxazine Purple 02, BTW)
  3. I like to use Kate’s recipies for a lot of my mottling, regardless of complexion (don’t tell her that! LOL) Custom Doll Baby - Order Low Cost Custom Dolls, Portrait Dolls, Reborn Dolls This will also give you the recipes for the colors I left out of the video.
  4. You can also mottle your blushing for a very pretty look.

    Hope that helps!

Hi, i know you was due around feb. 18. Have you delivered yet? @Kim_CustomDollBaby

I was due February 10 and I still haven’t delivered. This little guy is taking his time :slight_smile:


kim!! I ordered the kate charles tutorial off your website and saw you lived in kernersville :slight_smile: I live in high point! We are neighbors! Hang in there, baby will come when he is ready and congrats!

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OMG! Yes, I saw that! If I weren’t pregnant, I would have hand-delivered the tutorial. LOL Love your website and your work! I’m planning to shoot you an e-mail about placing an order when things calm down here. :smiley:


Oh my, well when the time comes. Here’s wishing you a short and easy labor. :baby_bottle::baby_bottle: