Mother's Day Gift------

Today I received a special Mother’s Day Gift from a wonderful forum member. Do you remember the Mothers Day give away that ABHoriginals was doing? Well, I won and today my special little boy came in the mail and he is just precious!!! I would like to thank Melissa for her generosity, it made my heart so happy and full. So Thank You Melissa from the bottom of my heart!! What a kind and wonderful woman you are!!

I took pictures of the box opening but I tried to load them onto my computer and they won’t load. My computer has recently been upgraded to Windows 10 and I am NOT literate in technology. Before when I plugged in my camera it would load the pictures automatically----now it just sits there and does nothing!! Does anyone know what I have to do to get the pictures to load?? Appreciate any help here so I can show you all my little one. He doesn’t have a name yet!!


I think you have to use the usb cord not sure

I did that, it doesn’t load anymore!!

Congratulations on the new baby! Try a Google search for your camera and Windows 10.

Do you have a memory card you can insert into your computer?

WOW, good idea Amy, I’m old, wouldn’t have thought of that!!

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I do have a memory card but don’t see a slot to insert it. I have always had to use the cord!! Thanks though.

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Congrats !

I’ve found that Mr. Google can be very smart sometimes. :wink:

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Lynn, my pictures are hard to load in Windows 10. I have to plug and replug the cord a few times and I have to wait almost a minute before the computer acknowleges that I am trying to upload picures. Try it. Maybe it’ll work for yours too.


When you plug the camera in, does anything pop up? I haven’t upgraded to Windows 10 yet. I mainly use my iPad. If nothing pops up, try cutting the computer off, unplug camera first. When computer restarts, plug in the camera n see if anything pops up. You can also click on the computer icon. Click on the drive the camera in plugged into. Example drive E, drive F. It might show the name of the camera, double click it n see what happens.


Thanks Helen, I will definitely give it a try!!

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Thanks You, I’m gonna need all the help I can get!!

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how wonderful

You welcome, let me know what happens.

Will do!!

So happy he arrived safe!! Enjoy you special lady!! :heart:

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Can I have your email ? I need to buy my tickets!!! I wrote it down… But I can’t find it, or the post!

You may have to update your camera stuff to windows 10.

I gave up on my laptop with this exact same issue! There are a few drivers you can download from your camera company and a few from microsoft. I did the downloads but was still having issues. Its a microsoft windows 10 and camera compatibility issue. It sort of fixed the issue but after dealing with it for weeks i gave my laptop to my oldest and bought a new laptop. The new laptop works fine, has windows 10, but the upgrade version worked horrible!