Most of My Gang at Christmas "PIC HEAVY"

I could not get them to behave for a group picture so here is most of my keepers dressed for Christmas.



WONDERFUL PICS! Love the babies and all their beautiful outfits! WOW! :christmas_tree: :santa:

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Too cute!!!

You did a great job! They are so cute all dressed up for Christmas!!! I love them Patty!

Really cute. Lovely Christmas outfits on all of them.

What cute babies, love them.

Such adorable photos

Very cute!! Who’s that 2nd baby? She’s adorable!

Awesome line up and I love Santa too!

They are adorable!

Thanks everyone. Even though it is fun to make their Christmas pictures, it is work. Since they would not behave for their group, I have to redo it all over again. Ellakabella, I think you are talking about Asriel by Jorja Pigott.

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