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I was really hoping to go to ROSE this year but had to cancel my table…I was needed at home.

The main reason I wanted to go was to see a real reborn doll for the first time. I have never seen another one other than my own in person. I look at babies online all the time but it isn’t the same. Photos and video’s can do funny things to a baby.

So…since many of you have been to ROSE or other dolls shows and have seen and/or collected a lot of babies I want to know who your very favorite artist(s) is.

I have a few favorites for different reasons but I have never seen the work up close, visualized the true colors and textures…

Who do you love and why?


My favorite artist is @ChunkyMonkeyNursery
She made my Twin A and will be making my Katie Marie.


My favorite babies are some of the first I bought back in 2012-13. Unfortunately I don’t think most of them paint anymore.

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Alexa Cava, Bianca Frank, Jacqueline Kramer, Sylvia Ezquerra, Anna Sheva are my most favourite and most of them are at ROSE this year.


My favorites are Bianca Franke (Hand Art Babies), Beatrix Schroder, and Georgia Middlebrooks (Georgia’s Sweet Creations). I would love a baby from Bianca Franke, but she only does prototype work and it is outrageous, rightly so. Beatrix’s skin is magically translucent; the kind if skin I dream of painting. I was super lucky to get one of Georgia’s Saskia right before she became a prototype artist. I also admire @PaperCityDolls.

I also love your babies @Gabriell. If I had something worthy, I would totally do a trade with you. I am still trying to work out getting my hands on Doe :wink:


This is hard. lol. Aside from the vendors that I saw from this forum at the IDTS, I would have to choose
Carolina Cuties Reborns. In person they were magnificent. I went to her table a few times and made my hubby sweat because I wanted several lol. I’m actually going to save and buy one from her. I LOVED them and she knew it lol.


There are so many favorites, but one of them is Staci Carey. I love the way she paints. Of course all the proto artists are wonderful.

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Wow that hair is amazing!!

I was hoping barb Michael from sweet baboo would be there. I bought Landon from her last year and just love her painting /rooting style. I’m half going Looking for a Liam and half waiting to be surprised by a random doll that just grabs me.

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@Gabriell I have an idea!!! I have a Will Scholl painted by @cajuncuties and painted hair done by @specialmoments. He is quite perfect. Would you like me to send him to you to hang out for a bit and take a Looksey? If that sounds good just let me know! :kiss:


How sweet of you!! I’ll bet she’ll love that.


There are quite a few I love but one of the BEST is: Angela Plicka, her babies in real life are Stunning!! I mean----‘Blow you Away’ stunning!!


OOOh I wanna paint hair like that, I need to work on my soft-touch, I envy artists that make everything look so feathery.

You are the sweetest most generous person ever. I love @cajuncuties cuties painting and Cierra just blows me away, and she is damn humble about it!

It is expensive to ship a baby!

I am going to ROSE next year woman and you are too! It will be totally fun!

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@Gabriell Yes! We will go!!! I’ll see how much it is to ship him, he’s great company and inspiration!!! Pm me your address! Stat! :kiss:

Nooooo! don’t do it, I cant borrow you lovely baby! I can wait until next summer. Until then I will just have to look at photos. You are way too generous!

Thank you!!! That means a lot to me:)

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