More pics of my Gram and baby :)

This was the 4th or 5th baby I made and I sent it to my Grandmother in VT because she is the one who gave me a love for dolls… I made it look as much like my children as possible and I told her every time she holds it to think of my babies big and small and remeber we love her… She told me that is her 87 years on Earth she had never received such a wonderful gift… She actually change the baby from a girl to a boy and has named it Nolan after my son who passed away 7 years ago… She thinks I gave her a gift but the truth is She has given me the most amazing gift… She is a wonderful strong woman and I am so proud to have her as my Gram… Oh and I just recieved the picture of the baby in the cradle today My Papa made it for him so he will be safe when they can not be with him… Soo SOoo wonderful… I just had to share

What a sweet photo and the handmade cradle is a very special piece for sure.

That is so sweet. My grandma is also the one who incuraged me to make the dolls unfortunately she passed away from cancer two years ago before i could give her her baby so she sits near my bed and i hold her when I’m missing her i named her charlenne after my grandma

So wonderful that your Grandmother loves the baby you made for her. I love that your grand dad approved of the baby to the extent that he made him a bed.

Great to see family interests being passed down from generation to generation! Someday the doll and the cradle might be family heirlooms. My kids cherish the things from my parents and I’m hoping someday to pass things on to my granddaughter (and future grandchildren!). Thanks for the photos and the reminder that family is what counts!

Brandy, that is just so sweet…your Gram AND the bed for the baby, too. I didn’t know about your son Nolan; I’m sooooo, so sorry for your loss, sweetie. Thank you for sharing these very special pictures with us.



What a precious photo! That was so sweet that your Papa made her that cradle for him too!