More dissolving paint

Was it this particular kit?

It was a bindi kit but it looked just like that. I’m going to start my joseph kit and see if it does the samething.

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I had this same exact thing happen with 3 different kits, it ended up being factory paint that wasn’t visible until after starting to paint. The paint started disappearing and wouldn’t take any more after a few layers. It would look perfect until I baked. Once they paint was cured it wouldn’t show up at all, just big blank spots.

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Sorry you had to deal with this too. It’s frustrating! Glad to know it’s not just me… though I’ve been painting for more than 5 years now, so it’s definitely not user error.

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I wonder what is causing this, I have experience it also. I found that if I baked twice (cool down between) and turning parts over like grilling chicken. I found that some paint and primer were not curing on the part that was laying on the bottom of the nuwave. I wondered if it was colder temps or something I washes my flannel blanket with (that I lined the nuwave with).

I would add some matte varnish to the colors you are using and do a couple extra bakes and color correct the bare areas. To me it wasn’t resolving just not curing and kinda wiping off with the next layer.

Not sure if that makes sense or helps

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She paints with air dry.


oops… well then not helpful at all.


Lol, well it may be useful to someone else who reads this in the future :heart:

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That’s really interesting @Gabriell. I’m glad you chimed in so that anyone else will see it when they have the same problem and are searching the forum for answers. A great majority uses ghsp.

I was thinking that for sure thinking that genesis would sit there, then forced to be cured by heat it would stay. Guess not.

Wish we could figure this out.


It’s so frustrating. We should be able to order and receive a kit, wash it, dry it and paint it without all these issues. Unfortunately, I think they’re going to continue as long as people keep buying defective kits, I’m glad I have a decent stash of kits with good vinyl.


Totally agree @jeanhai. The bad thing about this particular flaw is that you can’t see it until you paint it. The vinyl looks and feels perfectly normal.

I’m not going to make an issue of this with BB- they are having a hard enough time right now. I’m just glad to have a few old kits in my possession. Other than that I will be painting sculpted kits only.


I feel bad for BB too. Its the manufacturers that are at fault here.


Ive had this happen…you know my weird sealer I use…Liquitex matte gel and water? I was thinking maybe I didnt use enough or something so I stripped and used the RebornFX sealer over the spot, twice, just to be sure. Its really weird that you have such big spots…I had one spot at the top of the arm and it drove me nuts!!! Its like you add more paint and it disappears in the middle but builds up around the edges so its a losing battle.