Momma's Luke

He sure is going to be hard to let go.



He’s really cute. Some don’t go easily. Is he for your mom?

He is. I gave him to her for Christmas and did not have time to finish him. so I have had him for a week and she ask me about him everyday. She loves him so much!


She is going to be thrilled with the way he looks finished.

Awe hes adorable So wonderful too she is so anxious to get him
Great job btw

Will you get to visit him or is your mom far away?

About two minutes from me…lol

So sweet!

At least you can visit him. :blush:

He turned out so good. What kit is that? Didn’t you just get started with reborning? You’re doing great!

Pcrank56, thank you so much! He is my third since Christmas. The first two were hurry up ones for granddaughters and this one for my mom. This is Tracy and I just love him! Of course, I now have Harper and Amber waiting for snow days. I am needing to place an order and you can not unless you order a kit !! Ginger, Summer Rain, Logan, Kyle …OH MY, which one do I pick !!!

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You certainly have the dolly fever!! :smile:

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I guess it doesn’t get any better either

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Nope!! The good thing is that your kit pile seems to grow and grow and GROW…so you have more choices. :grin:

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I started with Tracy, then Harper. I’m rooting Harper now. And I just started a Sadie for my niece. I’m letting my family buy the kit they want then volunteering to paint it for the practice.

That is awesome!! Let me know how Harper goes.

@Trix He’s finally done. He was a very good kit to do.

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Awww…I love him !! I can not wait to get started on him. Awesome job !

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Hi,just wanted to ask what your mom thought of him when he was finished.I bet she loves him.