Molly baby 2

I learning how to upload picture finely did it this is molly finish her Monday I think she the best I have done so far I always had a hard time doing the eye brows I made her outfit I was going to put her on ebay but a friend said shes not going on ebay I sold her for 200.00 that what she offer me wish I could do that more offen here’s another picture of her


She is beautiful and congratulations on your sale,

I love that face! I have done 2 Molly’s with Shyann limbs and she is adorable! I love Shyann’s head, but not the limbs so I swap around and Molly’s face is perfect!

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thank you I will try that to .

That’s great! And what what cutie!

I just replied on your other picture ~ you MADE HER OUTFIT! WOW! It’s just beautiful and congrats on your sale! I love when that happens!