Mohair required?

It’s been a while since I rooted, and I’ve never rooted a toddler before. I wanna take off my Tatiana Schicks wig and root her. She’s got a head circumference of 17.3 and I want the hair to be medium full. Enough to cover any glue residue but not too thick for a toddler.
I also want to have some mohair leftover to give her a nice beard (yes, totally normal thing to do to a toddler).
How many grams should I need?

Nobody here has an answer to this? :frowning:

There is no way for anyone to determine how much you will need. It depends on how thick you root and what length the toddlers hair will be.

People usually have an indication for newborn heads, which is why I asked.
I have absolutely no clue how much I’ll need, so a “I root this thick, with this length and use so many grams” would be helpful.

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