Mohair European suppliers

Does anyone have any connections or recommendations, ideally Germany ?
I’m new to rooting but the bundle I have now is awful and I feel is making it harder to root .

From my experience, the best mohair is in the USA. I used to buy some from UK, France and Germany, but mostly it was awful and not exactly cheap. I used to get some black tight curls for my African babies, and it did not matter that the mohair was bit coarse, but when I got other colors the quality was the same and I could not use it. Every now and then I look at mohair when I am ordering something else in Europe, but have not seen anything that I would want to buy at a price that would be comparable to the American mohair.
The postage for mohair from USA to Europe should be negligible; although I just today saw somebody selling mohair and human hair on eBay and the postage was something like $30 for 1/2 oz!!! LOL I usually pay about $12 - $15 for several ounces.

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Don’t underestimate the posting to Europe. I once calculated it and for a padded envelope it would cost about $30 in shipping and income taxes.
If I order from BB I usually pay about $60 in shipping and income tax.
It’s usually best to buy in bulk when ordering from the US.

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I am in Australia and the shipping to here from US is about same as to Europe. I buy from Mohtique, today their shipping cost for USPS Mail Parcel - $16.75 up to about 1 ounce of doll hair.
Mohair costs a lot, but it is not worth it to try to save few $; poor quality mohair will never look good. Of-course, it is cheaper to buy in bulk.

Singing Falls charge $12
I bought from them couple of ounces in the same time and I am pretty sure they charged the same. I bought from Slumberland and they only charged very little; something like $5, but that was few years ago.
There are also good sellers on ETSY and their mohair is reasonably priced:
And I got some stunning mohair from this lady, but she has nothing listed in this moment:

This is mohair in Germany, it looks OK in the photo

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Thanks @ludmila I had a feeling I would have to order from the USA , I’m wasting more money on trying to find mid range priced mohair . For what I’m wasting I might as well pay more on shipping and get the best quality x