Missing COA

Because I sold the mini Ofelia to a friend that I had originally been making for myself I re-ordered another Mini Ofelia kit for myself from Dolls By Sandie. The kit came yesterday and there was no COA or invoice with her. I notified Sandie and she immediately got back to me saying that she would be back in her office on Sunday to check her invoice to see if it was shipped with the kit. That’s fine with me but has anyone ever had this happen to them? What if her copy of the invoice says it was shipped when it actually wasn’t? Since I don’t even have the invoice from her I don’t know what was listed on it as shipped…all I know is I didn’t get the COA. I know that we are all human and these things happen. My concern is that I’ll have Ofelia but no COA. I really want it in case at some point I decide to sell my Ofelia in the future. I do want to say that I’ve ordered from Dolls By Sandie several times and have never had a problem of any kind in the past. She is a very reputable company and that I’m sure the COA was accidentally overlooked when packing Ofeila. I just wanted to ask if anyone else ordered a kit…from any of the doll companies…and it didn’t contain the COA. What was the outcome?


It’s my understanding that sometimes, for some reason, the COAs are sent to the distributors separately from the dolls. This may be what happened here.

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I’m sure she will too. I know Sandie has a process that she has to go through. This in no way changes the fact that I love doing business with Sandie and will continue to do so in the future.

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Yes I ordered a LE from an aussie co. and the COA was not sent with it, but to their credit they were right onto it and the certificate was duly sent out. Happy days!