Messy diapers

I have had a ton of diapers in various sizes for a while. I went to get a size 2 diaper and found a problem. Whatever is in them to absorb wetness has crystallized and there’s a shade of yellowish color there. It looks like pee!! I think it was from the humidity during the summer.

It *is *weird. It get’s all squooshy and nasty when it’s wet (spell check informs me that I made that word up) - almost like the diapers are filled with uncooked tapioca. I think maybe your diapers are chlorine free. That might explain why they yellowed when they got damp.

WAIT A MINUTE…the look of pee just adds to the REALISM, right!!! Now EVERYONE will want diapers like yours, Kim!!! You’re such a trend setter!!!

Great minds think alike!

 Thanks, Maggie, I try!!!  

Leave it as a surprize! Include a little note on the top of the package saying "Since it was such a long trip, you might want to check baby’s diaper just in case’ and wait for their shock!

Lol there is a bright side

Yes, somebody might actually like to think the baby needs changing LOL

I actually used to make little diapers; you know the old fashioned ones with safety pins. Then I got lazy, and use now disposable, but somewhere here I have about 5m of fabric & little draw full of cute coloured safety pins; might have to get it out again.

I wonder if they would react with the fabric on the doll and stain it. You are probably right about rethinking disposables. I used cloth on my first two babies (real babies!) and still love the look (of course they had rubber pants over the diapers which isn’t as cute…) I’ve thought about making some diaper covers for my dolls, something a little less bulky than the new style of diaper covers or all-in-one diapers. I mean most reborns don’t really need to go…except for kimomax’s!

At one of my craft shows I had a lady tell me that I should put a tootsie roll in the diaper. lol

— Begin quote from “kimomax”

At one of my craft shows I had a lady tell me that I should put a tootsie roll in the diaper. lol

— End quote

  Makes me think of that baby shower game where the diapers are passed around and we have to guess what kind of candy bar the "poop" is