Merry Christmas, my friends

Merry Christmas everyone! I got GHSP paints for Christmas and I can’t wait to start. This will be my third time changing paints and hopefully my last.

I would like to ask for one tip that is different from air dry the heat set, or just a helpful tip! Thank you all in advanced!


Merry Christmas! I’ve only used GHSP and love them!! I can’t help with the transition but I hope you love them.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas​:christmas_tree:, you will love the ghsp ( except for the baking):grinning:

Merry Christmas I love ghsp!
as for the tip…thin the paint very well. Use an oven thermometer to ensure your oven is 265. Do not bake until you are happy with what you see. Check for pooling of paint before you bake each layer. If you use matte varnish you will need to bake it for 12 minutes and sometimes a bit longer. I have found rather than risk the longer bake of 12 minutes I put it for the usual 8 minutes let it cool and then rebake for another 8. Some vinyls are too soft and do not like the prolong exposure to heat.

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Thank you very much! What can you seal with? I have heard Matte Varnish, Thick Medium…