MEMories of my first doll came up on Facebook

In my “Facebook memories “ came up the photos of my very first doll- Puddin by Donna Rubert! I had purchased the starter kit that cAme with everything in it and I chose between Puddin and Kinsey.
I wish they still had Puddin so I could try again!
Let’s just say it’s a good thing the lighting in the photos was a dim as it was! Heheh
And so the addiction began… :laughing:


also I know she didn’t have lashes, not sure if she had eyebrows.


She was a good first baby. Did you keep her ?

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I feel the same way when I post some of my oldies in the Uno thread. :joy:

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I sold her for $50 and I was so proud of myself :star_struck:


I’m sure someone loved her :wink:

She doesn’t look too badly for a first, though!

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Selling your first baby would make you very proud! She is a great starter baby.

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I really liked that sculpt too!

They had Puddin’ kits a while back, around the same time as they found the extra Clover and Jasper fairies and the original realborn kits. I got one Puddin and I wish I had gotten several. She’s such a sweet kit. :blush:

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