Melted one of my AA twins! :( Update, Darkened her skin tone to hide it

So I just posted a photo of them, but I was taking the Asher awake out of the oven, and his forehead hit the top of the oven! So now he has a swipe of no paint where he melted slightly!
As he is an AA and I was almost finished, I cannot possibly get him to match in that spot. The area won’t let paint stick anyway. It just comes right off.
I want to cry. I worked so hard on them and now he’s ruined! :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Oh no!! Have you tried dabbing a little paint on and baking it in layers?

Oh no😲So sorry!

As far as I can tell, it won’t stick. Maybe some matte varnish first? I’ve never melted a kit at all in my ten years of doing this. It sucks. His forehead just barely touched the top of the oven. :frowning:

I did that once. Not a happy time!!

Try lightly sanding it with an emery board.


I’ve melted a few kits myself! I feel your pain :weary: I hope you can work out a solution! Some I was able to save, one of them was just a puddle!

Oh goodness. A puddle? How awful!

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I would def try lightly barely sanding the spot and then applying some matte varnish. Maybe you can make a little birth mark or stork bite there if it’s too hard to get the color to match. Yes, the puddle baby happened years ago with an old type of turkey oven. Reborning has come a long way since then! This was about 9 years ago.


dab a bit of matte varnish. and bake…then the paint will stick.not sure it will work with AA complexion but I did this twice,over the last 12 years, both babies ended up with a bit of “birthmark” as I could not blend it to totally match but it did cover the missing paint and looked acceptable. I then rooted hair over it.


Looking at it, I think I can shade the area and then paint wispy hairline hair over it. She’s getting rooted, but maybe between the shading and the painted hair line, I can fix her. I really hope!


You did an excellent job covering it up as a birthmark!

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Oh my gosh NOOO I would cry!!!ive melted a kit
It was Lovelyn Asleep, full Body doll. Cost me 129 for the kit. I melted it on the next to final step. I can still feel sick thinking about it.
I’m so sorry!!!


How horrible!! :scream:

I darkeed her. You can still see the mark. But between her eyebrow and some wispy panted baby haor i hope it wont be noticeable


Awww… Sorry to hear that too! That would be dishearting
to say the least especially being almost complete.
Hopefully you can save it thou.
God bless.

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It looks like it could be passed off as a birthmark to me! My brother has a similar looking birthmark on his chest. I honestly wouldn’t have questioned it if you had posted her photos and said you had given her a birthmark on purpose! She looks great :smiley:

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Nice save! :smile:

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Whew! That was close. :wink: Great save!
Please share photo when you finish this baby.

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Absolutely will do! :slight_smile:

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