Melody Hess Dolls

Wondering if anyone knows what is going on with Melody Hess Dolls. I preordered Addie and was checking for a release date and her web site is down. Has been for several weeks. Also I sent her an email, checked her Facebook page which doesn’t appear to have been updated since April. Just concerned.

Oh, no! I have an Addy on order, too.

It’s got me a little nervous. I paid full amount. Hope someone knows something.

Her FB page Melody Hess Doll Kits has not been updated in a while. Her personal FB page has. This is a quote from a post that she made earlier today|

“Had a super busy weekend with Family! Almost finished with my custom orders and Addy kits should be arriving soon!! Still working on Harley’s contest judging! SO many beautiful Harley’s were entered it is going to be very hard choosing winners!!”


With her being so busy, it could simply be that she overlooked the renewal email from her hosting site. I did that once. I’ll message her on FB and see what see says.

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Her site is back up now!

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Wonderful…that makes me feel better.

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She said she wasn’t aware so I’m assuming it was a matter of renewing her hosting services. I didn’t ask, though.