Meki mix and match baby girl. pic heavy

So I am making an Adrie mix and match baby using the Meki head. I am planning to keep this baby as a show doll/example of my work. I like the bald look but am thinking maybe since I am keeping it I should add hair?? I tried painting eyebrows on this noggin a bunch of times already and have not been pleased with them at all. HELP!! I am at a loss as to what I should do!!

Picture taken indoors on cellphone


She’s got eyebrow ridges like my Morris. They’re really hard to paint because they’re so pronounced. I think if you shorten the outer ends to be even with the outer corners of the eyelids and maybe add a few hairs on the underside of the brow ridges they’ll be just fine. Cute baby.


I think what’s killing it for me is how they are shaped differently. I know nobody has eyebrows that are exactly the same but for some reason when I paint them it just looks odd. I put the doll aside for a few hours and will try again later.

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The brows look too high to me. Try starting just slightly below and move up to the ridge. Setting it aside for awhile is a good idea. Nothing gets me more worked up than brows that don’t work.


Having similar issue with another kit. Sighhh brows ans head shape.


Precious baby!! Which sculpt is this? I love him already but, I think he’d really be adorable with hair :blush:

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This is Adrie Stoete’s Meki :heart_eyes: I’m in love with it! Well, except for the brow bones! Lol.

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Love this little one! Such a sweet face :blush:

Ok so after leaving the baby alone last night I decided to try again this morning. Thoughts on the eyebrows

before I seal? Please be brutally honest!

The brow on the left looks good but the brow on the right is too thick from the middle to the inner edge and is heavier overall than the other brow. Those brow ridges make this baby very hard to do, so don’t get frustrated. It’s the sculpt, not you. Just keep working until you get a slightly better match.

They’re looking good, but I’d still shorten them a little on the outer ends. If you zoom in on the picture and put your thumbs over the ends so they’re even with the outer corners of the eyes you’ll see what I mean.

The eyebrows are actually the same size but there’s a shadow above the right one. I don’t know what, if anything, can be done about that. Maybe a touch of flesh highlight to lighten it?

Try doing them lighter as in these pics…A lot of babies’ brows are barely noticeable anyway.
Oh and have they been baked on yet ?

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Oh you are not alone. I always struggle with brows, but my latest bub is really giving me fits :-/ I’ve painted and erased his brows more times than I care to admit :frowning: Taking a breather so I can regroup and then I’ll try, try again until they’re right.

As previously stated, your particular baby is difficult because of the pronounced ridges. The only thing I can suggest is maybe to lighten them up and thin them out a bit… Try for the “barely there” look :wink:
I know how frustrating it can be as I’m right there with you.

I think the color’s fine if you’re going to add hair and lashes. you might want to lighten them a bit if it’s going to be a bald baby.

Yes, painting them sparser and lighter, with less hairs will work better, so that they are not so stand-out and harsh on the face. This will soften them and her look.

Thank you everyone. I have lightened her eyebrows and added some thin hair. I will post a picture tomorrow.

Oh she also got lashes :grin:

Can’t wait to see.

Here she is!! She still needs a few “tweaks” but I just couldn’t wait to out her together!!