Meet baby Jillianna (Anna)Pic heavy!added a few more!

Here is my lil Jillibean !!!I just loved doing this baby -hope ya like her !

She is gorgeous beyond words. Super job, Cher.

Thank you both so much !!! wonder if BB will like her

She’s beautiful, Cher!

Hey DebiC !!! Thank you !!! And thank you Karen Too !!

B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L.!!! I love her. Yes BB has to love her!

Aww !! Thank you so much Cindy -there are some very nice babies up already so its tuff competition-and like all new Mommies we all think our baby is the cutest -so … I sure did love doing her !!!

She’s wonderful there’s one picture I especially adore great job

She’s amazing! What beautiful work you do. I LOVE her hair and she is posed so sweetly – BB will most certainly fall in love too.

Thank you all so much !!! My Bro in law took all the pics -I did the set up and posing -and my sis Bossed us around !!LOL And dressed the babies!!!

She’s adorable! GREAT work!

Thank you Ladies !!!
Does any one know if we need to post a certine way for BB to see them for the contest

She is gorgeous! Wow! Outstanding! And all those other amazing descriptor words! I am sure that BB will love her!

Aww Thank you so much Carmen !!! I am rooting for your sweet fairy baby !!!

Just too adorable! Loving this sculpt!!!

Oh she’s so beautiful and so precious! Your hair is awsome. Hope B.B. choses her Cher!

Thank you so much Rose , Karen and Judie-She is a very cute sculpt and I loved doing her !!!

Thank you Marlen !!!
I really enjoyed doing her and the contest sure made it fun !!!

I couldnt help myself added afew more pics!!!

Awwe soo sweet! Nice work!