Meadow kit details

This girl is adorable! And NO! She doesn’t have all the flaws Huxley had. She isn’t perfect. But I don’t see anything that can’t be worked around. I bought 2, so I compared them side by side.
First, the head.
No sculpted brows. Yay!

Under her chin are some little grimy scratched patches. It’s identical on both kits. I haven’t tried to wash them off yet.
The back of her head has some tiny scratches…exactly the same on both kits.

She’s a bit cone headed. But not in a bad way. And there’s a smear on the side of her scalp.

Both arms have identical smudges all over. But they might wash off. And they should be easy to cover

One leg has a tiny “skin tag”
One foot has a couple of places that need to be sanded.

She also has a weird smell. It’s like a chemical/baby powder smell. Like they added something at the factory. It’s not overwhelming. But I’m interested to see how it smells when she’s baking. Overall, most of her “flaws” should wash off. She’s just dirty. And I see no issues that would effect the completed doll. She’s soft, consistent vinyl with no apparent weak spots. She’s tiny. She’s adorable. :heart_eyes:


I loved this kit soon as I saw her. Didn’t even care if she was as flawed as Huxley, still planned on getting her! So glad to hear nothing major to work around. She’s gonna be gorgeous!


Same! Huxleys flaws didn’t bother me. So I wasn’t concerned about potential flaws on Meadow. She’s so cute I would be willing to work around anything. :wink:

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She is an adorable kit.

I think I need another Meadow. I loved painting her, and she is adorable!


I can’t wait to see you paint her :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I love this kit. She’s open right?

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Yours was adorable. You absolutely need to paint another one!

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No! She’s limited to 1500. And my kit numbers are in the 900s. So you better order soon!


What size does she wear?

she’s only 17/18 inches, so i put her in preemie


That’s what I figured. She looks tiny.

Does she have the sucky lip like Levi, or is it more open looking?
Eager to see how this sculpt gets reborned. :slightly_smiling_face:

That part on the underneath of the chin looks like it was a part of the original mold, esp since it looks the same on both.

They aren’t the same sculptors.

But we are looking at two Meadows ?

No. She has beautiful full lips.


Oh, pretty. Sometimes with fuller lips or open mouths they look almost like different expressions from different angles.

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Oh, I see what you are saying, but I thought you were comparing to Levi.

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Just in the sucky lip look, but I was wrong on that, cause Meadow doesn’t have that at all.

Those look like two left legs.