Mayla’s Body

I may have gotten a few bodies mixed when sorting new kits. If you ordered from Mac’s, is this the body that came with your Mayla?


Don’t know… does the kit have full side loading legs?

Mayla’s legs look side loading. So, I guess this is her correct body, then. I’d had August’s and Mayla’s bodies on the table and wasn’t sure if I had switched them. Mayla’s body looks a little bit longer. Wondering if anyone else who purchased her from Macs got a body that has chest gathers. Maybe I’m used to the bodies Bobbi sends with kits. They usually have the gathers on the chest, which I prefer.


Looks like the right one, this is mine.


I am no help, but I VERY much appreciate your post! I kept the “body” issue private, as I constantly mix them up. There is a place for us and I am not alone!! :wink:

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Hi My Pia!

Hey (Windec)!

Thanks for helping me be sure I have the right body for her. Didn’t want to pack it with another doll and not remember where I put it once I realized one day in the future that I had mixed up her body with someone else’s. LOL

You’re definitely not alone. And it’s gotten worse for me as I’ve gotten older.

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