Maybe it’s just me.. But are these limbs a little off?

This is my Ariel by Shelia Michaels. I purchased her off of eBay a while back. My question is has anyone reborned this kit? The limbs seem freakishly long to me. I tried researching to see if they are indeed the correct limbs… but I just can’t tell! What do you think?

The legs are the Raine kit.

Arms are from BBS Sweet Pea sculpt

…I think

Those are Raine/Ryan/Rina legs and, yes, they’re off. They’re different sizes. The arms do look like Sweet Pea asleep. I switch the limbs because I really don’t like those.

It is definitely a mixed kit, those are Sweet Pea arms and I agree those look like Raine legs.

Thought it was off. LOL! And I had a feeling someone here would be able to tell me. Thank you so much! Do you recognize the hands? I think I’m going to turn her into a cuddle baby… It was sort of my fault it took me so long to notice. I’m guilty of not changing her after I purchased her… I’m kind of bad about outfit changes…:unamused: Im a bit butt hurt as this was sold to me as Ariel, and no where did the artist mention she used different limbs. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Really mad at myself for not checking sooner… Fiddle sticks! :unamused:Thank all you lovelies for answering my question though!

Are you sure the head is Ariel’s? It’s hard to tell upside down. Do you have an upright shot of it?

You made me go double check! Haha! I believe so. But the only thing I know for sure is I’ve been had. She was my first “real” reborn. I didn’t know any better when I purchased her. Had I not decided to change her from a boy, I probably wouldn’t have ever noticed… I never really bonded with this doll, so I never even bothered changing clothes. :unamused: Ugh! So mad at myself.

Here is a site (not english) with the kit

Oi! How can people be so dishonest, and take advantage of a newbie? At the time I really wanted that sculpt, and was on a mad hunt for it. I even remember asking the seller a million questions. It was the only one I could find. One of her replies was that although it didn’t come with a COA, it was authentic. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Nasty business.

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I’m going to strip the head and redo it myself, then put it on a cuddle body. I think that’s the only way I can salvage our relationship. LOL!

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What a cute face, I am sure she is happy about her redo!

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If you’re going to strip it, you might as well invest in new limbs and make her the way you want, Some of the Realborn limbs would work and MacPherson’s has some really nice ones.

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