Matte varnish disaster

Hey there!
Such a disaster…used matte varnish instead of satin…thought the white flaky sandpaper look was normal, and when baked it would be ok… but it isn’t…
My baby feels like sandpaper and is all white… and baked… what should i do? Is this fixable??
Please help :frowning:

I would “paint” some thinner all over it. The white should disappear. You can then gently take a wedge and pounce it to try and thin it out. Don’t let it dry before you bake. Be sure and bake several times, turning the pieces to allow all areas to get fully cured. You can test to see if it is set by “painting” on some more thinner. Allow to dry. You shouldn’t see any white areas. Bake again if you do.

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@cajuncuties Can I try this despite i already baked it?

You won’t be able to thin it, but you need to bake again.

Bake again for at least 10-13 minutes.

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@cajuncuties thnx!! You’re a lifesaver!!
I just received this “new” jar of matte varnish…but I think it looks old…what do you think?

It does look old. You can add a bit of thinner and stir it really well.

I already send an email to they send me this…
But now I am confused by your messages… I should do thinner over my reborn and then bake again, but not let it dry (the thinner?) And also put thinner in my matte varnish to make bit more thin? Correct?

Since you have already baked it, I would just bake again. Yes, when you need to use that matte again, I would put what you need in another little bowl and mix with a bit of thinner, thinning medium, or even Satin varnish. I only use less than a tablespoon of varnish when I seal mine. I use a mop brush to brush on the varnish and then ounce with several wedges to make really thin and even.

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It looks to me like you applied your varnish rather thick. Next time try pouncing it out thinner. Also when the varnish is white and chalky looking means it’s just not cured enough, bake again and again and again if necessary, cooling and turning each bake.

I have baked it now for 5 times. And no difference… no other solution than strip the entire kit :frowning:
Winsor doesn’t work and I have a little bottle of it… acetone? :frowning: