Matte varnish coming back?!

I read that Genises Matte Varnish will be available again next month, does anyone know if its true?? I dont want to get to excited :sweat_smile: Im down to scraping my last jar :tired_face:

I keep watching it on Jerry’s Artarama and it gives a date when it is expected in. When that date arrives it keeps getting bumped up until later. This has been going on for over a year so I will not get excited until I see it in stock.


Same with my Golden varnish. It keeps saying it will be available, then when the date rolls around they push it back further. :roll_eyes: I’m over it.


MacPherson’s is going to be selling the Kabelka.


I don’t know if it’s true, but I’m definitely not getting excited, I’ve seen amaco post at least 4 new production dates, but everytime the date comes it’s pushed out 4 more months :frowning:

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Have you ever used it? I have not heard of it but did see McP’s was selling it.

I used to mix satin and matte. Is there any way to achieve that effect with the new brand? Or, I have matte, thinning medium, and look alive. Any ideas? :cry:

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I have finally gotten all the components of mine in but have not had time to play around with it. I have some silicone babies that I simply must get painted as I have had them a while so that is what is on my work table now that I finished my custom order. I have talked to Shelley Marie though and I know she is really liking the Kabelka and she is an expert IMO so it must be good.

With the Kabelka if you use the Thick mixed with solvent thinner it will be satin. If you want it matte you add the matte medium and you can control how much you add and how matte you want it. It is also my understanding that it is not gritty feeling. If you watch the videos Shelly Marie has up she explains it all.



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You have to buy all three? One is still out of stock?

Yes you do they work together. They said they just got the Thick medium in at MacP so they are getting it packaged up now. You will be able to buy a small set of all 3 to try from them. I had to order mine from Spain and I ended up paying $40 per jar with shipping to get mine so I spent $120 on 3 regualar size jars. It is going to be cheaper through MacPherson’s because you won’t have to pay the international shipping like I did.

Thank you! I got my thinning medium yesterday, in the mail btw. Thank you!

Mine came through the mail too but they still charged me $20 per jar shipping from Spain. I think it was a bit overkill…

Ty so kindly Angie. Goodness the price of everything! :disappointed:

I mean, the one from you. :heartpulse::heartpulse:

OH Duh! I forgot you bought it. It has been a crazy busy week.

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You need 3 components to use this, and you haven’t tried it yet. I think I will skip this till it is proven by more people than Shelley Marie who is an expert?I am not familiar with her and it is Very expensive just to try it. Thanks for the info though.

Looks like at the moment theres no other choice🤔 Are they already selling all 3 needed? Im down to 1 more baby and im OUT of Matte😨

Certainly no one is making you choose to use it. It is just another option that is getting a lot of notice. I am understanding it is not gritty like Genesis so that is another big plus for me to want to try it. Many are using it in Spain now. You can join their FB group and read more there.
MP Reborn Keka Roger

Shelley Marie works for Macpherson’s and is the person who does much of the product testing and development for MacPherson’s. She worked with the company who produces their RebornFX paints to formulate those. She has extensive training in painting and knows the chemisty of it all pretty well. I have known her for a few years now and I am confident that she knows what she is doing.

As for the expense of this, Genesis is going to come back at much higher prices when it finally does come back so either way we are going to be paying more for heat set products.


I’m wondering if genesis Varnishes will be the same formula at a higher price.

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