Matching body to kit

So I am trying to do a little frankenstein reborning… I have a cozy kit (21 inch baby) and an extra body that is for a 20 inch doll, maybe Gracie? Not sure.

Two questions:

  1. Is a 20 inch body too big for a 21 inch doll?

(I have a 21-22 inch body not sure where it came from but it looks way too big)

2.Cozy is a 3/4 leg. I always assume it isn’t full if it has a flange instead of a cap. and the body is for a full leg. Can I do that or will it look weird.

I just don’t want to put in another BB order right now and pay 8 bucks shipping for an 11 buck body.

No hurry I am not reborning her anytime soon just curious.

You can use the 3/4 legs in the full bodies. I do that most the time. I think @AmyR777 does as well…

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Thanks so much.

Yes, I do! I think that body will be fine. :blush:

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Thanks ladies.

So true!!!