Mary kit by Olga Auer problem kit

I’m nearing completion of Mary for a customer, but have to say this is the worst made kit I have worked on.
It’s like the old style orange vinyl, soft limbs but hard head, the eye sockets on mine were non existent so the eyes wouldn’t even sit in there so I had to superglue the eyes in place, which turned out to be a messy stressful process, the inside flanges are so narrow only like a mil, I like to shine mine and I had to force them open to fit a small brush in there, and on one of the limbs I have a chunk of vinyl in there too that I’ll have to try and careful cut that out. there is also heaps of excess thin vinyl around edges etc including in the eye socket.
i can see I’ll have trouble just trying to put her together with such narrow inside flanges, no way could you fit neck rings.
A fellow artist who also ordered it, took one look at it and has chosen to sell it on.

i don’t know if I just got the dud kit, but even the vinyl is not nice.

I hoping regardless of the issues, i’ve done her justice.

I don’t think yours is a dud, mine is very similar. It’s weird because Thomas had such nice vinyl but yeah I’m not a fan of Mary’s.


thanks for that, yeah not enjoyed doing this one

Its German vinyl…they leave a product out that they deem too toxic. The heads are typically the hardest. The best thing to do is neutralise before you paint and then make sure to heat the head when you root.

Purchased both Mary and Max to do as keepers. Now dreading.

I’m slowly working in mine too. The vinyl is very orange and hard. I haven’t rooted a hard head baby yet. Is she going to break all my needles? :confused:

Heat it and keep heating until you are finished some of the ones I have done like that are hard as rocks and nothing but heat helps .

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That orange vinyl is hard to neutralize. Mine turned Lavender.

I bent several needles on my one despite heating her, and I had to keep heating

I managed to lighten it a bit but it hasn’t taken on the lovely warm skin tone I usually get

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Well as I suspected I’m trying to put Mary together but because the gap in the flange is so narrow and shallow you can’t move her legs at all, despite me shining them, the smallest neck ring I have is too big for her legs.

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Do you have top coat nail gloss. Just paint one layer around the flange and it moves perfectly after it dries

yep tried it with a glaze on it, it’s so narrow it’s hard just trying to put some in there, but have put heaps on again as best I can

I use air dry but I find that typically a mint green works the best…Im now using titan buff (golden paints) wash and that works really well. I have Marc and I also have Reine by Ping Lau, same hard German vinyl. Ive painted two before that as well.
Also, about the flange…Ive heard people have put super glue on it and that makes it slide but I have never tried that. I have to stay away from super glue, I end up with it everywhere LOL

I didn’t have trouble with the colour myself, and I had already shined up the inside of the flange, they’re the most narrow I have ever seen, it barely fits the micro cable tie in, the body I have for her could do with smaller legs so there is less gather

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I haven’t even started painting Marc but Ill have a look at his, maybe a string tie would work better?

She’s together and photo’s under Reborn Showcase

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