Mars Black or Carbon Black

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Is there much difference? Back all those years ago when I was starting I bought Mars Black but noticed that in the tutorials from PLBD they recomend Carbon Black. Does anybody use the Mars?

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Just need to add a touch of ultramarine blue to the Mars black to make Carbon Black…Carbon is “blacker”…


Glad you asked about the blacks because I wondered the same thing. Although I’m still trying to figure out how adding blue to black makes it blacker… So mars black is really a super dark brown/black? I have no idea which one I got but I think it is mars black. As for rooting, I’d much rather root than paint all those hairs! It isn’t as easy with air dry paints as when I experimented with genesis. The genesis flows of the pen nib a lot easier. To get the air dry to flow, the paint has to be just the right thinness, then it is hard to see the hair until it dries thoroughly. Could be just my inexperience with it though. I just love rooting too!

I have always used mars, but have never tried the carbon. The mars has worked great for me : )

This was exactly the answer I was looking for!

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Awe Nikki - you bumped a post from over 2 years ago BUT I like you anyway!

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Yes but @pia!!! I used the search and got exactly I answer I needed ! It was great!!! :heart:️:heart:️ AND, THANK YOU for still liking me! :wink::kiss: