Maria Asleep 🙄

I’m basically finally finished with this kit :woozy_face: what a headache! The first 2 layers were fine, but after that it was a nightmare to paint. I almost gave up a few times. Getting paint to stay on was nearly impossible! After countless layers I finally got it to where it was “ok”. Not good, but ok. I am so afraid of ordering another Bountiful Baby kit now :slightly_frowning_face:. There are so many sales but I’m terrified. My last 3 babies from BB have been horrible to paint. I don’t know how you all do it. Now I’m waiting for the body so I can assemble her. Thanks for looking and I oppologise for venting.


if you stick with older kits that you know for sure are from the JoyDolls factory they should be easier.
I try not to give in to the sales, knowing the close out kits are the iffy ones.


Thank you for an update.
I had so many time the impulse to buy BB kits while they are on sale, but stopped myself. Reading your post, I am glad I did.
She turned out to be cute. I would never guess that you were struggling .


I wish I knew what kits were good and which ones were not :woozy_face:

She is very cute!

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It’s very frustrating. I’m done with BB kits until good reviews start coming out on the kits. Hopefully when all the crappy ones are gone I’ll try again.


Thank you, I did the best I could :unamused:

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She’s beautiful, Rosa! So sorry you had so much trouble with her but totally understand. I painted Callie recently and that was the worst vinyl…so hard and paint wouldn’t stick and it was awful from beginning to end. No more BB kits for me until the factory issue gets taken care of. Sale prices don’t make up for poor quality. These kits aren’t even good enough to be practice parts.


I couldn’t of said it better Karen, I agree 100%. At least I’m not the only one struggling with BB kits. Your Callie was gorgeous :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Same. I havent been buying BB kits for a long while and dont know if i ever will again.


She’s beautiful!
I just finished my Marnie and had trouble with the creases. Paint seem to stick for now. They are not fun to paint, although the vinyl of mine was very soft and pale. I have a few kits that I will experiment colors combinations and different technics on them as they are cheap.

Maria is also very soft and very pale, which makes it even harder because for some reason matter how long or how many times you heat it, it doesn’t cure. And since it’s so pale it needs many, many layers. A NIGHTMEAR! I’m just glad it’s done lol🥴 lol

Looks good to me.

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Basically all the close out kits and anything released after 2019 look at the kit photos and if they have perfectly smooth sharp edged flanges they are from
the new factory

Emmy nb
Brooklyn 8 mo
June 3 year

I have a feeling that Charlie, octavia and is is Sophie or Sophia or Sonia that is coming out soon? :thinking: pretty sure those were already on thier way when they made the decision to quit using the new factory

Flossie and the other connected leg kits by Donna rubbery that are coming out

Basically anything that has been announced up until

They really tried to work with the new factory and some of the kits are worse then others to various degrees… some of the vinyl is hard, some is repellent, some absorbent, some turns yellow, some had the yellow spots and weird painted spots. Alot had to do with quality control and the shortage of supplies and probably the biggest was communication on what BB was willing to accept. My thought is they were a toy production factory not a kit production factory. So they didn’t understand the importance of artists being able to work with the vinyl with the products we use. Then there is the whole issue we’ve had with genesis paints not curing so it’s been a :poop: show for sure

You made her look great though :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: shes a beautiful kit and I hope they continue to make her at the old factory


I just ordered 3 year June. I hope she doesn’t give me any grief. I use air dry so hopefully that will help.

I am using air dry, so that maybe why I don’t have problems with paint sticking ? I will see when it’s cured, in about a week, if it’s peeling or not.

Thank you so much for the break down. I really hope BB gets it all straightened out and I can continue buying them.

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