Margot Brace kit and Charlotte

I have a lady wanting a Margot Brace kit and I’ve never seen the kit in person and haven’t ordered yet. She is wandering if Margot can take a paci without a magnet or not. Does anyone know? Hard to tell in the pics for sure.

Also does anyone know what size clothes and shoes 11 month charlotte wears?

She can take a modified paci. I cut the tip off this one.


Ok. Thank you! That’s what I figured.

Margot is a larger kit. So I havent started mine yet but hope to soon.

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Yea, I knew she was a big baby. She is super cute though!

I have painted mine but didn’t assemble her yet, having to strip the limbs…
She can take a modified paci. As for clothing I don’t know, 9-12 months I guess.

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I just finished Cammi by Ping Lau. She’s 27", Margot is 25"-26". Cammi needed 18-24mos size.

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Margo can take a modified paci. I’ve bought different 9 mo brands for her but 12 mo fits best.

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