Marc and Mary - new Olga Auer kits

Available February


They are too cute! I LOVE the one on the right!



Oh my they are so adorable

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These two are adorable. Goodness knows I don’t need anymore kits, but these may be too cute to pass up


What size are these?

They are so cute!

No. No. No, Jean. You can’t buy any more kits. (My new mantra) lol

Oh goodness, those are some cute babies!
Looks like they have different limbs too, I seriously need to make twins sometimes but am always put off when they have the same limbs.
Argh, I don’t need more keepers! Why are all these kits so cute? :sob:

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They are both just the cutest!!!

Do you know what site or how to sign up to be notified? The one on the right looks like my grandson.

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