Making a Reborn FAQ

Hi all,
I am sitting down over the next few days to create an FAQ for my own selling (which I’ll gladly share!), which will include my layaway details/contract, my information about customs, my environment specifically (scent free but with pets, I use air dry ect), And the basics of reborning, that’s what I need help with! What are the frequent questions you get asked and how would you answer them professionally? What are some specifics I need to include in all of this?


I get asked at least ten times a day, even with description posted…“is it silicone” so I would definitely include pricing and the types of dolls offered and their differences
Seems alot think now a days a artist should ship after first payment (seen it alot the past few days) so how payments work is another good one.
Education about copies!!
I’ve seen far to many supporting copies for “kids,lower income, etc”

Great idea tho!


Thank you! I’m dealing with a lot of brain fog currently so while I “knew” to include all of that, my brain likes to delete information so I really appreciate your answer!

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Some questions I get asked a lot:

What does baby come with?
Can it take a pacifier?
Do you do customs?
Do you accept payment plans?