Majara by Elisa Marx?

Hi all, wondering if anyone has done her? I have a few questions about her head size and limbs

I haven’t done her yet but I do have the kit. Can I answer a question for you?

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Oh yes please. I need to know what her size head is. I don’t want to use the limbs she comes with. The one hand with the finger sticking up just isn’t my cup of tea. I like hands that are more relaxed or making a fist. I’m hoping to find Marx limbs that will fit her. I believe she supposed to be 18 or 19in.

Her head circumference is 12 5/8 inches.

WOW, she’s a small one. I guess the 19 to 20in limbs would be a bit big. She doesn’t look that small to me in pics. I may just have to deal with the limbs she comes with. Maybe Paisley or Stoete limbs would work. I really love Paisley limbs, I love full legs. If I buy just her head it’s about $55.00, then I have to find limbs. So it basically will end up around the same price as her complete kit. I better start saving $ . Thanks for your help

I did her a while back. She is supposed to be 19 - 20 inches but I think she falls on the small side of 19 in. Many of Eliza’s bubs are 18 - 19 inches and she definitely is not much if any larger…
Here is Eliza Marx website. She sales the limbs separate too so you may find some of hers that you like…Not sure if it would be very cost effective unless you were interested in ordering a few kits though???

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She is very small. About the size of BB Shyann. I think 18"-19" limbs would be perfect for her.

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