Maggie and Maddox Inspiration

Has anyone done maggie and maddox that they would like to share pictures of, I will be getting them soon and would like to see more inspiration then the prototype pics. Especially post pics if you did them in AA or biracial :wink:

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@mcurbelo did one of Maddox :slight_smile:

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I did Maddox


He’s so cute, I love the light colored one!! I’m a sucker for the pale babies!! Beautiful job!!



do you think his limbs match his chunky face proportion? I was thinking about getting but they seems alittle skinny compared to face. They are the same limbs used for Kira and Emilee. I’ve been looking for chunkier (with no luck) what do you think?

I don’t think those are the same limbs :confused:

I think for a newborn the legs are okay. You know how newborns have big head and skinny legs. I think he is perfect. The only complain I have is how much of the cloth body shows around the legs. I wish there was a skinnier body for him.

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I problely won’t use the torso, but I get custom body’s made from Lorraine you think shorter maybe would work?

Your right I see a little difference.

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No if you use just the body without the torso he would be fine. Is just the big butt that those bodies have they are a lot bigger than the skinny little bit the torso has , so the cloth body’s butt comes out of the side of the torso. I see if I can post a picture later.

lol!! XD