Maeve Kazmierczak must have

Anyone know if she is going to be vinyl or silicone? She is my next must have, so I am really hoping for vinyl :heart_eyes:.


I don’t know but I want her !


I can’t find an answer. But this is what she said a few weeks ago.

And in her most recent post about Maeve several people made comments about “soft bodied silicone.” So I wonder if somewhere she said that’s her plan for her. :woman_shrugging:t2:


When I asked about it being a kit, she said ‘I am deciding, but because of companies stealing sculpts, probably a small silicone edition,


That is too bad. I understand not wanting your sculpt stolen and I read this is what Bonnie Brown is considering as well. I always buy authentic and educate when I can. I am just not sure what else I can do, but I am sad the scammers seem to be winning and legitimate reborn artist losing :cry:


I just let out an “ooohhhh” because this baby is so adorable!

I’m also very angry that the companies making the knockoffs are messing it up for everyone-down to the collectors who can’t afford silicone.

She makes some amazing sculpts!


Aw, that sucks. I don’t blame her, but I will be sad if she is not vinyl. I honestly prefer it. What is to stop them from copying silicones next, though? How do other industries survive counterfeiters?


They will eventually copy silicones too. All they have to do is ‘buy’ one and they’re off to the races. Then they’ll make the molds and Viola,----- kits!!


She is such a cutie pie!! So sad that scammers are ruining it for everyone!

Yep and this could backfire on the sculptors. Some unethical artists and customers will jump to get the knockoff vinyl kit, justifying it because the sculptor didn’t make the kit available in vinyl.


I think that sculptors who have commanded over 20,000 for a silicone, as Joanna has, do not believe anyone will risk loss or damage in trying to copy. But if a company buys the doll can make much more selling copies in vinyl I am sure they will try it. Some who buy fakes don’t seem too particular so they will be ok if the copies come out odd. Two collectors in one of my antique groups got fake Saskias that look awful last week and were showing them off to others that wanted to know where to buy one. I tell them the situation of counterfeits but they do not care. Ultimately sculptors can keep making OOAKs or silicones and will have followers to buy their work, but I fear the reborn artist is going to be forced out. I hope I am wrong.


Well, I can only hope she will be produced in sufficient number in some kind of way since she is also a sneak peek on @MacPhersonCrafts. Maybe they know?


Those who are low enough to knowingly purchase cheap counterfeit kits may claim today that they can sell their finished dolls for less than what those of us sell our legit reborns for, but in the future, most likely, their greed will get the better of them and they will try to get top legit kit prices for their counterfeit painted schlock. I think it would eventually go that way for them. Hopefully having a legit COA for a legit kit will continue to protect real reborn artists against those who think painted counterfeits are “just fine.”


And the COA must be sign by the sculptor. It’s easy to reproduce a COA.