Mae Mae's Kinbys

Mae Mae has some new play babies! The baby on the bottom bunk I made for Charlotte about a year ago. The beds were made by my father. He did a set for each if my girls and this one is Marissa’s. All I did with these sale kits was stuff the heads and limbs with poly fill and then put them on the cloth body with only poly fill in them. Makes a perfect play baby for a toddler. Not to mention they are so pretty to look at! One odd thing I did notice though, they had a bit of oily/sticky residue on them. I washed all the parts and I hope this was just from being in the plastic bags and won’t continue like the old Secrist dolls did at one time.


Soooo adorable!!! I love them all sitting together!!!

Those Kinby outfits are so adorable. High quality and they fit preemie sized reborns beautifully.

Your dad did beautiful work on that bed.

I had to share this photo of Charlotte playing with all the Kinby babies here. The one in the front is a Secrist baby I reborn for her as her first baby here. She has been enjoying them so much! She has Nathan dressed as a girl at her house that I gave her for Christmas. Now that I see she loves them so much I went back to get others at $19.99 with the free body to make up for her to have her own at her house as well. Kaitlyn was all they had left. The others have sold out and I got the last 2 Kaitlyn! I so wish I could have gotten one of the Grace baby kits for her. Funny thing is this morning they have both of them back up but at a higher price of $27.98. UGH now I am not going to go back in and buy her at a higher price with another $14.98 shipping.


Sooo cute :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

That is soooo sweet!!!

I love the Imani doll! I believe she was based off of either Realborn johanna or a sibling of hers!

Adorable picture of her loving her babies.

Yes she is my favorite!