I live in Asia, I bought some items, payed on Sept 1 (item only), shipping cost not known yet. I’m waiting until now how much the shipping cost is. And no news, I emailed again and no news ?

Does anybody ever has some problems ? I desperately need the items


I’m not going into it right now but I will never use them again. Their communication was horrible even when I went through Facebook and I waited a whole month to get my kit all because of a screw up on their end. It was ridiculous. But some people have no trouble at all. I would call and give them your order number and have them check it out.

thanks for reply. they really no news. the phone call cost from Asia to USA is really really high.

You’re welcome, Cindy. They are located in Canada. It’s a toll free number, I’m in the U.S. and called them and it didn’t cost me anything. You could message them through Facebook. I finally got ahold of her there but obviously no one ever checked my order number and I never heard back from her on Facebook after one message.

If you want I could call them for you tomorrow sometime and ask about your order and why you haven’t yet received an invoice. You would have to message me your order number, though.

Ask for Brenda at Machpersons she will be helping you for sure. I am in Canada to and had manny orders with no problems but mistakes can happen …


Gosh! Macphersons has been around forever. I’m surprised at this from such a reputable company. I have never ordered from them, but have considered it many times but always found a better USA price elsewhere. Sorry you are going through all this.

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Sorry to hear this, I’ve ordered many thing from them and have never had a problem with them.

Sorry to hear this as well. I’ve never had any problems with them and always gotten great service. The ladies there are super nice. I find this surprising.


Ouch!! I hope they straighten it out for you.

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Becca, I believe she has already paid her invoice but hasn’t received her shipping charges yet. That would be kind of you to try to help her. I’m sorry you had a bad experience with McPhersons. I have ordered lots of stuff from them and have never had a problem with them. Sometime things go a little slow but I expect that since they are coming from Canada. I have spoken to them on the phone with the toll free number and they are very nice. I am in southern California so it can take a little while to get things sometimes. Sorry you didn’t have a good experience.

Thank you so much, you’re so nice. maybe next time, if still no news, now I will try again first. Thank you so much for your offer I really appreciate. Yes, I did pay the item, but not the shipping cost.

Thank you so much

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I’m not sure I could call the 1-800 from here (Asia) ? I will try

You’re very welcome! I hope the issue gets resolved soon :slight_smile:

I’m surprised to hear this, too. I have made several orders through them and done many preorders. I’ve never had a problem. Every phone call I have made has been picked up immediately. I just called them yesterday with a question.

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Yes call Brenda at the toll free number they are a LOVELY STAFF PLEASE SHE PERSONLLY ASKED ME TO GET THE MESSAGE OUT…She feels terrible if people are having problems call the 800 number or email them directly to Brendan at …She’s heartbroken that people are having troubles as I stated great company!Trustworthy!!!


Also just try the I was having trouble getting on from California and the site worked for me but keep trying the 800 number they are super helpful to solve issues give them a chance to fix and they are way cheaper than irresistible.

I see your e-mail that arrived on our holiday Monday that was not answered yet and I am very sorry about that!
I looked up your order Cindy and realized it was waiting for a body to arrive in stock that was on your order before I could pack it and get the shipping for you.
You were among my long list of e-mails to get back to and we then had a death in our family on Tuesday morning which took me away from the store on both Tuesday and Wednesday. I have been more absent than here this week and I am very sorry that I did not answer your e-mail sooner. We do our best but we do goof up no matter how hard we try… but please believe me we do care!!
I have sent you a private e-mail so please check your in box. hUgs Brenda XOXOXOOX


Now that makes up for a lot!


Told ya they were great !