Macphersons question

Is anyone else having trouble with delayed shipping from Macphersons? I am anxiously waiting on a kit and it seems to be taking forever, but that could be from the snowy weather we are having in texas.
Is there a way to find out where my box is? i can no linger find the email for the shipment with the tracking number.

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There’s probably no way you can find it without a tracking number. MacPherson’s might still have it on your order#. You could call and check with them. I’m sure the weather is creating major shipping issues. Even the Covid vaccines are delayed because of it.


Can’t you follow your shipment through your orders on thier website? Or search your email for a shipping notice, seems more logical than asking us


I ordered last week and it arrived in two days! I was shocked because I know how slow the post office has been for months now.
I hope your package is delivered soon.

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Do you have informed delivery with usps,? There are major weather delays and the same storm system that hit us in OK & TX, pushed to the NE.

I hope you get it soon. I have a package from BB that hasn’t moved from Utah since the 13th.

I cam pt find a way to track it through their website.

That happened with mine too it was held in Kentucky for about 2-3 days strangely!

Yes mine have been doing that too!

Did you try on a computer?

I couldnt find it that way either

@MacPhersonCrafts Brenda is always very helpful.

I would have looked up your order but I have no information on here.
You always need to go to our Help Desk to get answers quickly

Once you put in your question (use your name or order number) our girls are very good to check out the situation and get right back to you.
hUgs Brenda


Thanks so much

Hi Ladies have anyone ever bought a kit and it didn’t have a COA ?

If it was supposed to have one, submit a ticket at the help desk.

Not all kits have them

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Thank you very much have a blessed day.:heart: