Macphersons promo?

I was thinking about getting Ariella
Does macphersons have their promo going still?
Thanks! I deleted the email…

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I think it ended on the Fourth of July. I missed out too! :frowning:

Darn! Thanks I’ll have to wait until next time

@MacPhersonCrafts Is your promo still running if not will you be doing another soon?

we ended the last one on July 4th and started a new one today
are you signed up for our newsletter???
We always send it to the mailing list.
hugs Brenda XOXOXOOX


I need a name or e-mail to look it up…can you pm me to
I do see an order for an Anita on the 4th but want to make sure it is indeed the same Anita.

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Where can I see the $5 kits? I am thinking about ordering a few kits.

I do have an account with them but did not get an email. How do you sign up for the newsletter or how do I know if I am already? Edit to say never mind I found it.

These are the $5 kits from the link in the email…

and here are the email ads

And new kids kits


Is macphersons in Canada? Is shipping to USA expensive? Thanks! Also will it interfer the the shipping strike!

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I ordered natali! 5$ she is a cutie.


It is in Canada

They said it will not effect them, they will ship UPS/Fedex

Not sure about it being expensive but I think they have free shipping over $100 if in the USA. (dont quote me… it may be $150)

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Was she still $5 without paying the certain amount?

It went through . ??? Added to cart and paid

Is shipping free over $100 to the USA?
Thank you!

Just noticed it doesnt without purchase. Whoops

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Found it. :slight_smile:
It is $100

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Yes it certainly is! :slight_smile:hugs B

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Thank you :heart:️:heart:️