Macphersons issue

I’m just posting in the hopes of getting in touch with someone @MacPhersonCrafts
I received a Freshbooks invoice for the last layaway payment I have to make And the transaction won’t go through. At first I thought it might be a bank card issue. So I attempted to pay using my credit card, and had the same problem.
I’ve emailed them…and I understand they are busy, So, I don’t want to seem impatient. It’s obviously some sort of website issue. With Macphersons or Freshbooks. I just want to make the last payment so I can get my kt lol

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WE need you to send us a name or an order number or some way to identify who you are.
please send it in a PM to
all we have is the handle on here. :frowning:
WE can get it all sorted it out for you
hugs Brenda


Absolutely will do.
Thank you.

got it and apparently they have tried to get a hold of you via telephone
did you see the e-mail?
hugs Brenda

I got it. And called them back. it’s all set!!! :slight_smile: Thank you!

( Just wanted to let everyone know who reads this, the issue is with the payment processors algorithm. Not the fault of Macphersons at all. They were kind enough to call me and get it all fixed in just a few minutes. :slight_smile:

Thanks again!!