MacPherson's and PayPal

I ordered a kit from MacPherson’s yesterday. When I tried to pay it wouldn’t link to PayPal. There is a note that says PayPal not working? Click here and we’ll send you a PayPal invoice. Only they haven’t and my order seems to be somewhere in limbo. I don’t know WHAT to do.

Call them in the morning?

Email their helpdesk?

PM Brenda @MacPhersonCrafts on this forum?

Hope they help you and get it straightened out

Paypal is working. I just used it tonight for a sale. Maybe their link isn’t working???

There’s some problem with the link. They said PayPal’s working on it.

It does look like some issues have been occurring on paypal today. From what this site says…

Brenda had posted on FB for everyone to be patient with them they are swamped with the TInk orders and another new kit(I can’t remember the other one) but that they are working hard to get everyone invoiced and shipped. So I think you will get it soon but I would send a message through the help desk if you are concerned. that is the best way to contact them.

PayPal not working is simply an extra option we offer at the point of check out in case a person is having issues so they have that option to have us send them an invoice (when we are back to work) to be able to take their time to pay either via PayPal or by Credit card. If jeanhai looks she will see the following options at check out:
Paypal not working (for any who are having issues paying then we physically send an invoice)
credit card
international orders (this is for people who want to wait for their shipping options first before paying)
3 Easy Pay (divided into three payments over 3 months)
Hope this helps explain it a bit clearer
hUgs Brenda XOOXOX

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Chances are that the lady who sends out the invoicing has not done it yet as we check it in the morning daily.
You did have an option to check out via PayPal but you must have chosen the “PayPal not working” option
that is for any who are having issues in order for us to be able to send them an invoice so they can take their time and choose the PayPal or Credit Card option.
If Darla has not already sent it (which I suspect is done by now … she will this morning)
By the way I have no way to find you as I do not have a name or anything to go by here. If you ever have any question in the future always use our Help Desk as we are very quick to answer there. Help Desk
hUgs Brenda XO

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Thank you for tagging us Jenni!!! :kissing_heart:

Your AWEsome!!! :kissing_heart:


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honestly there is always issues somewhere with PayPal
this is an old note but it is a daily occurrence somewhere in the world that PayPal acts up.
If you look again you will see the very first one is “PayPal”
Paypal not working is just an extra courtesy choice we offer in case one is having problems getting through the gateway which often happens with PayPal on various sites at one time or another.
Again…always go to our Help desk to ask us anything :wink: Help Desk
hUgs Brenda XOXOXOX

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I got an e-mail invoice. Contacted the help desk. Everything should be okay.