Macpherson not responding


Is anyone else waiting on orders from MacPherson? I’m waiting on Rosie Eagles, Twin A and Twin B. They won’t respond to my messages. I sent an email Wed and yesterday. No response. Left a message on Facebook. No response.

Is it just me?

Call them they will answer the phone.

Any time I need to talk to Macphersons I call the toll free number and they answer in the first couple of rings. They are very nice and helpful. Maybe you should try that I’m sure you’ll get great results.

I emailed them again. If I don’t get a response soon, I will call them, even though I shouldn’t have to beg for items I paid for >:(

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I called them. My kits are going out today. Yay, I suppose.

I also just emailed them. I paid for a deposit with a credit card for Rosie and I haven’t heard a word. In the past they just send me an invoice. I just went back through my PayPal to make sure I hadn’t received one. I would call but I work the same hours as they do. I may just have to take a break and contact them. I just don’t want to lose my Rosie :cry:

Is this the same company that the owners recently had a death in the family? There was another thread about getting no response and the reason was the death. I can’t find that thread right now. If this isn’t the same one, I’m sure there’s a good reason. This business has a great reputation and they didn’t get that by having horrible customer service. Has anyone called them?


I called them today about an item that I am waiting for…they were very helpful and are going to do their best too get my order filled…they were very understanding…seems they are waiting for their supplier.

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If you are waiting for something from them, call :smiley: They will help. Good luck!

I ordered a kit about a week ago and they have yet to ship it. They been off since the ROSE show. I guess I’ll have to give them a call.

Last night I saw the post here about Tina’s kits special and so I just went “to look”, and of course bought 2. But they do not tell you what the postage is going to be. Instead the invoice says that they will pack my parcel and then let me know. I am not exactly impressed. FGS, all they need to do is to have a postage calculator; it really is not a rocket science. But OK, so i am waiting for my invoice. Today I got an email from Brenda asking me if I still want my kits as I have not paid. So i answer, YES, could I please have the invoice with postage and I will pay. And here is the automated answer:

"Thank you for your email. Due to our vast increase in incoming e-mail traffic we have found ourselves trying to answer them around the clock which leaves us little time to accomplish other necessary tasks throughout the day. We will attempt to respond to our emails within 48hrs of receiving them during business days. (excluding weekends and holidays) "

I am not surprised they are snowed under. How can anybody be in business and be so inefficient? If instead of asking me if I want them,they sent me the invoice, I would have already paid, and they would not have to deal with my emails.

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