Lulu has been restocked

Finally! Yay :slight_smile:
Now if the $ exchange rate will co-operate :open_mouth:

@bbsupport and @EmilyBB - was the eye size corrected in the new Lulu kits?


Gosh yes Pia, I do hope so! Just assumed it would be.

Yes, The eyes were corrected. :smile:



Placed my order last night! YAY!!! Now all I need is Easton and I’ll be a happy camper…

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Has that been noted on the new ones that just came in? The previous run of LuLu was that way, and they sold all of them as seconds and even refunded the difference in cost to the ones that had already been purchased as first quality. I didn’t see a note that the current ones were seconds because of the eye size discrepancy?

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I am

so glad to hear that!

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