Lulu, again :)

Could you please tell me what size of eyes you used? Anybody used 24mm? I bought for her 22mm ones, but when I tried them they do not look as big as the prototype does. I am thinking of ordering 24mm for her, but would hate for them to come and not fit, I do not think I have any other kit that would take 24.
Thanks in advance

I’ve bought a number of eyes specifically manufactured for baby dolls that have a larger iris than the standard doll eyes. I’m wondering if these eyes were the type used in the prototype dolls?

I do not know what is the problem, but i have tried 6 different eyes, 20 - 24mm, on her and I am not happy with any of them. I actually have some of the the Lauschauer eyes with large pupils but I did not want to give her $50 eyes. Doesn’t matter what i do I cannot get the light bounce of the eyes in any way that it would look OK. It’s like the eyes are on totally different angles.

I sometimes buy these eyes: … 233c7f94bb
Maybe you can find something comparable closer to home. Just so you know, I had the same problem with Tibby. Her eyes were wonky, and the irises looked way too small (when compared to the prototype pictures). These eyes are amazing but they’re more costly. Whatever you decide, I’m sure you can make it work!

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Thanks Dot yes those eyes are similar to mine; little bit cheaper today because our $ is bit higher, but still over $40 in Australian $.
My Lulu has pretty much same size eye sockets but i cannot get the eyes centred. I did not like any of the 22mm, so i did buy 24mm, but made a mistake getting cheap ones and they are much lighter than they looked in photo, and the pupil is small. I will try to take some photos tomorrow if I get a moment. i am trying to finish rooting Sinead for my grandddaughter; they are coming on Saturday. Today I spent most of the day rooting, and it does not look like I progressed much; in this moment poor Sinead looks like a monk with the bald patch over her crown

Kathy, does not matter which eyes I put in one seemes to be pointing up and the other down and I cannot move them, they are snug fittning actually looking at the prototype they also could not get the light anywhere near in the same spot

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I did notice that the 22’s seemed almost too large and I might cut all of the back off of the kit…

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That is interesting! Because the 22mm seem to be too small in my Lulu. So i ended dremeling my 24mm slightly to make them just fraction bigger than the 22mm, and can be moved around bit, and I think they look the best. I will see how we go today for time and light (I do not feel like unpacking all my lights just for this) and might post some pictures.