Lucy is Listed!

My first six dolls sold for less than $200 USD. It takes time to practice and improve skills. But you will get there as you work at it, and you will watch your prices go up a little at a time. I started with the cheapest kits I could find. I bought secondhand Bereguers on eBay and stripped them and practiced. Then I purchased my first BB kit. Then another one. It’s best to wait until you have practiced quite a bit on cheaper kits before moving to a more expensive one.


Also, along with just sending the dolls with a few basics like onesies, pacis, cheap receiving blankets bought in bulk or from a dollar store,you can also keep your ooak blankets and special clothes for photo shoots.

Just make sure that’s clear in your listings.

That still allows you to use, keep, and showcase your special/handmade items without putting hours of work into them, just to lose them with each sale. Chances are high those items mean more to you than they would to the next random buyer.

I’ve never bought a doll because of an included outfit or a promise of a box opening. While outfits and accessories may catch my eye in the listing, it’s really all about the doll itself.


My advice: don’t ever go with your relatives judgement :wink:
And don’t include $60 of stuff when you try to sell your first doll (I know she is not your first one, but the first that will go to someone beside your relatives and friends). People buy the doll and can shop themselves according to their style and taste.
The realistic price for your baby is $225 - $300 IMO, if you want her to compete with others of equal quality and want her to be sold.

And if I charge by the time that I spend on any of my dolls, they would be priceless. Buyers don’t care how much time you spent. Buyers care about quality and price according to that quality.
I know it’s not what you want to hear, but this is the truth. Get your name out, get your followers, work on quality and then start to raise your prices and make profit.
I wish you the best!


@quiltsabunch is selling her kits and she is in Canada. Win-win!


I don’t see the handmade blanket in any of the photos. I would lower the price and leave out the blanket like someone else said. You can use it as a photo prop or gift it to a real baby or save it for when your painting has improved and you are able to charge more. Or sell the blanket separately on Reborns


Hey Morgan!

I read everyone’s comments in your thread and I must agree with what they are recommending. As a beginner and at your skill level, you want to create the most cost effective box opening. I’m all about listing at a higher price and then reducing as necessary…just make sure to adjust your box contents to match the reduce listing price.

It takes a long time to turn a profit in the reborn world! This is definitely not a get rich quick hobby. Enjoy reborning and have fun as your skill level increases. :heart_eyes:


I will be lowering the price after work or tommorow. I do agree that I shouldn’t have priced so high and I shouldn’t do such a big box opening. I had my mom and sister in my ear telling me to list at $500 or I would regret it and everytime I said I was gonna lower it, they told me not to and that it would be a big mistake. I’m just gonna tell them I need to make a quick sale because I need the money so that I can lower the price lol. They want to see me succeed faster than it’s possible to lol. Thank you all for your advise. I will be also shrinking the box opening. Do you think 1 sleeper, 1 outfit, 1 headband, 1 bottle, 1 paci and a blanket is okay?


Also is $400cad ($306ish usd) okay?


That’s the perfect amount of stuff to send, you don’t even need to send a bottle if you don’t want to. And that price seems fair to me!


They should pay you 500 and they can keep the doll! They could split it!!! Win win!!!


I updated my listing. Is it okay to use pictures that include things that she no longer comes with or should I remove them? Also I forgot to add that she comes with a toy, do I have to list that?

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You can show her with pix of anything. We call those props. Just make sure you list what will come with her. And should put in your listing “Props are not included.”


If you didn’t list the toy, don’t worry about that, it can just be a little surprise. :slightly_smiling_face:


Your shipping to the US seems a little high to me. It usually costs me around $50-55 CAD to ship a baby with $1000 of insurance. At $2.50 for every $100 of insurance that means $22.50 of that $55 is insurance. Since your baby is $400 your insurance would be $15 less than mine and you are asking $15-20 above what it normally costs me. The high price of your shipping might scare some buyers off. Find the box you will ship the baby in and measure and weigh it. Look up a few zip codes for California Florida and Texas and use those to get a more accurate shipping cost.


Okay. I just guessed. I will do that🙂




You can sell accessories on How?

I think what you listed for the box opening is perfect!

Same way you list a baby only in the listing click the radio button for accessory or other item.