Luck with twins?

Has anyone ever done a set of twins and sold them as a set of twins? Just outright, not a special order from someone ahead of time. The reason I ask, is I want to do Sam and Sera as twins and sell them as a pair. Do you think they will sell? Should I price them at double what I would normally sell one for or start them lower for the set?
Any input welcome (requested!!)

Thanks Caycee. I am going to go for it. Either way, they will sell. Thanks for the encouragement !

I sold Kitten and Cuddles as twins and while the woman was doing the BIN another was trying. That’s how I got my second order. I would try.

I didnt have luck with my twins, i had over 70 watchers and 1500 plus views, had them up for 399, kept getting messages about layaway, which i do not do, then someone talked me into 329 which i went for, so they did sell, but just a bit less than i wanted. so i will never do twins again
I could have held on to them longer but i like quick sales i guess…which is alot easier with one baby than two