Lots of SOLE kits @ eBay!

Just spent over an hour browsing blank kits on eBay lol :joy::joy::joy::joy: page after page lol but, found tons of long sold out kits being sold! Sally-bonnie brown, tons of elixa Marx kits, several LLE , and way more then I can remember lol but my watching list is now a mile long! Thought I’d pass it along to anyone who may be after a SOLE.
Ebay, the ever fun way to waste time lol


Thanks…heading on over there❤️

My filters were $25-$500, USA only item location and had 38 pages of kits!

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How can be sure they are not the rip offs from China?

Most of the SOLE I was looking at, all the sellers had 95% positive feedback or better, however the prices were around $75 starting and up to around $400 for some

Oh, OK. I don’t have experience at looking at the kits on other places. I would just want to be sure I wasn’t helping a scammer. :slight_smile:

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Oh no it’s all good! Better be safe then sorry! Lots of good ones that I had never seen but boy some of those prices! I get it tho, supply and demand when they are now long sold out lol

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Dang this post got me sucked in last night! I was up on eBay until almost 2 am lol. I did not find a kit I must have, but I did find a new baby to purchase if I can win the auction haha. If I do win then I will share photos and sculpt name just don’t need any extra attention to the baby for now lol.


I hope you won!!! I can’t wait to see!!!

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The auction still has 5 days left :frowning:I hate auction formats. I know why artists do it but I still prefer buy it now. I also like impulsive buys when one steals my heart, then I don’t have time to think of all the things I could do with the money I will be spending on another doll haha. I will send you a photo :wink:


Im crossing my fingers for you!!!

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So the baby I wanted and fell in love with went well out of my price range :frowning: , just wanted to share photos of him anyways. His artist did a wonderful job and this is my favorite version I’ve seen so far of the Lou Lou kit. I really wish I was rich lol.


I saw him as well! Beautiful baby!! So sorry you didn’t end up getting him :frowning:

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