Losing my eyesight

I am selling all of my reborn supplies including a nice small cart to put your painting supplies in while you are reborning and I also have baby clothes diapers soft poly pellets by bountiful baby handmade baby blankets that I made by self paints needles nu wave oven that I will sell for 45.00 cosmetic wedges rounds craft sticks to stir the paints cable ties Mod Podge Gem Tac Paper Glaze Refined Linseed Oil Beauty Blenders Brushes Holders for the dolls while they are drying beads Pacifiers headbands for the dolls oven thermometer clear tiny glass beads 2 prismacolor pencils A big Color Wheel that I purchase from Michaels Heat Gun Rooting Tool Doe Suede Bodies for the five kits that I am selling also and they are Dumplin- 30.95 Punkin 30.00 Josie 30.00 Eliza 35.00 and Sweet Pea Asleep 40.00 I had to buy the bodies and plugs extra. I also have stockings and poly-fil and more and I can give prices

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So sorry to read that you are having this issue God Bless

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I am so sorry to see this. Prayers for you as your life changes.

Sorry you are experiencing this, I wish you well and hope things improve for you

So sorry to hear that

I’m so sorry to hear this. May God continue to bless you on your new journey!

So sorry. Pm’ed you.

I am so sorry. I pray that your eyes will get better!!