Looking for Preemie head or kit

I am needing a preemie head. Maybe around the 15-16 inch baby size. I have a Darren head but it is bigger than I need. I would be willing to trade or buy if you have anything that would work. Even if you have a kit that size available that would be fine too.

I think I have a BB Max head.

@Vanniek That would be great! Would you rather sell or trade? Either way is fine with me.

If anyone else has another I might be interested in them also. That way I could give my friend a choice of heads.

I have the Jewel kit also…she’s little. I’ll look for more…what do you have to trade. I could use some happy mail lol

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Oh I have BB anna also

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Is Anna just the head or a kit?

Full kit.

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Oh and I just realized Max’s head is going to be a problem putting on the cloth cuddle body. :disappointed:

Okay no problem girl!

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What do you want for Anna? I could just use her head and still do a cuddle baby?

Do you want to trade? Smoke free home

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Yes that will be good. Smoke free home here as well. What would you like for the trade?

Do you still want to trade?

Yes I do :slight_smile: So sorry, it’s been very busy. When do you need it?

Maybe within the next week. It is for a Christmas baby for a friend so whenever you can.

Okay no problem! Do you have any other heads you might not want besides Darren? Or accessories? Out of curiosity. I never got the notification that you messaged me back. I just decided to check. So sorry for the delays.

@Vanniek I have Harper boy and Dominic heads.

Dominic if you feel it’s an even trade?

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Or I can add to it

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