Looking for kit information

I bought this kit and tried to find sculptor or any kind of information on it. Nothing. Seller said she ordered it from the uk years ago. Any information would help. She has full limbs and she has the color and feel of german vinyl. No coa or name on neck flange.

Thanks ladies!

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Molly Marie by Nines D’onil maybe? An older sculpt I think, not sure if it came with a COA or is still produced. Made in Spain I believe??

Thank you. I looked over the internet and only found this picture and not much beyond that. Shes got the cutest little face. And you are correct!! Its her!

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Yes that is Mollie Marie they are sold in the UK on Ebay I’ll see If i can get a picture of the kit

Yes! That’s the one! Thank you so much!
I just love her little face.

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